Calendar of Events 2023 / 2024   (Company & City Events)
DateEventVenueOpen toFor further details 
25 January 2024Myddelton  ServiceAll Hallows by the TowerA/F/L/gdetails 
25 January 2024Myddelton LunchTrinity HouseA/F/L/gdetails 
11 February 2024Tower Bridge VisitTower BridgeA/F/L/gContact the Clerk 
13 February 2024Pancake RaceGuildhall YardA/F/L/gdetails 
15 February 2024Webinar:  Tom SpencerMoorland Restoration & Natural Flood Management.A/F/L/gAwaiting details 
28 February 2024Discussion DinnerSpeaker Sir John ArmittA/F/L/gdetails 
7 March 2024Webinar: Professor Carolyn  RobertsThames BarrierA/F/L/gdetails 
12 March 2024Webinar: Helen Orton, AguilaCommercial Models for Major Projects in the UK Water SectorA/F/L/gdetails 
15 March 2024United Guilds ServiceSt PaulsA/F/L/gAwaiting details 
21 March 2024City Water DebatetbaA/F/L/gAwaiting details 
19 May 2024Tudor PullThe ThamesA/F/L/gAwaiting details 
17 April 2024Election Court LunchButchers’ HallA/F/L/gAwaiting details 
18 April 2024Lord Mayors Big Curry LunchGuildhallA/F/L/gAwaiting details 
15 April 2024Associates Webinar:  Alex MoneyMaking water work for youA/F/L/gAwaiting details 
26 -28 April 2024Master’s WeekendBristolA/F/L/gAwaiting details 
19 May 2024Tudor PullThe ThamesA/F/L/gAwaiting details 
22 May 2024Associates Webinar: Kathryn PharrWomen in the water sector and the Community of Women in WaterA/F/L/gAwaiting details 
18 June 2024Admiral of the Port ChallengeThe ThamesA/F/L/gAwaiting details 
3 July  2024Installation Court & LunchApothecaries’ HallF/L/gAwaiting details 
A = AssociateF = FreemanL – Liverymang = Guest 

Luncheon Clubs in the City of London

The Ironmongers Company regularly hold a Monday Lunch Club, for more details please visit:

The Watermen’s Company regularly hold a River Thames Lunch Club on the 2nd Friday of each month, for more details please visit:

The Butchers Company regularly hold a City Carvery Lunch on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, for more details please visit:


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