2007 – 2008 Events

2007 -2008 Events


The Lord Mayor makes over 20 overseas visits per year   >>>

Livery Company Briefing   >>>

Environmental Knowledge Transfer Network   >>>

Interview with The Master, Colin Drummond in ‘Resource Management & Recovery’   >>>

Annual celebration of our Grant of Livery   >>>

City Walk, Tower Hill to Bank of England   >>>

Election Court Lunch   >>>

Ladies Visit to Kew Gardens   >>>

Visit to Chilwell base of Royal Engineers   >>>

Water Conservators Business Plan, prepared by The Master   >>>

The Master and his Lady take places in the Tudor Pull   >>>

Dedication of Water Conservators’ Patron Saint, Christopher   >>>

The Master and his Lady in the Admiral’s Challenge Cutter Race   >>>

Master’s review of his year   >>>


The Master partnered by Andrew Bennet join the Admirals Challenge Cup   >>>

Silent Ceremony and Lord Mayor’s Parade   >>>

Company visit to House of Commons   >>>

Letter from Lord Mayor following Parade   >>>

Remembrance Service, Merchant Navy Memorial   >>>

Master’s Dinner at Lords   >>>

Letter from Master to Lord Mayor   >>>

Water Conservation Trust benefits from Capella Evening   >>>

Presentation by Master   >>>