The Beadle

The Beadle

Our Beadle is Tim Gutteridge.

Beadle, sometimes spelled “bedel” is derived from the Latin “bidellus” or “bedellus”, rooted in words for “herald.” He was originally an official of the Roman Temple.

The Livery Companies, as they evolved, needed a point of contact between the Master, Wardens, and Court of Assistants and the Livery in general.   They therefore appointed (and paid for) a Beadle, who took care of the Company’s meeting place (‘Hall’), called the Court members and/or Livery together on behalf of the Master, and enforced any disciplinary measures decided by the Court.

He would be issued with a Staff of Office, often wrongly called a mace, with which to protect the Master and enforce discipline. The Staff is usually a tall one so that it could be used as a rallying point at Common Hall etc. when the Livery was summoned to “Attend upon the Master”.

Tim Gutteridge grew up in Buckinghamshire, he attended Warwick University and studied Ancient History.  A Mountview graduate, Tim is a writer, actor and voice-over artist and a founding member of the Theatre Company Buckle Up.   He has performed at Mansion House and in the Charity event “Trial and Error” at the Old Bailey for the Pan Arts Charity.  He’s also a guitarist, mandolin player and folk singer.

Tim is also Beadle to the Worshipful Company of the Makers of Playing Cards, Bakers and the World Traders.