Historically, in addition to their trade activities, all Livery Companies have engaged in charitable works.

As a modern Company The Worshipful Company of Water Conservators is no exception and,
although  it does not have the level of resources enjoyed by many of the older Companies, the
support of charitable activities remains central to its work.  Since its inception the Company has
provided considerable support in furtherance of its main objective: “To promote the development
and advancement of the science, art and practice of water and environmental management”.
By focussing its resources it is making a major impact in this area.

The Company has established a Charitable Trust, The Water Conservation Trust, to provide funding
for the Company’s charitable activities.  The Trustees have in turn established a Charity Committee
to identify projects for consideration by the Trust.

The Water Conservation Trust (Charity No 1007648) provides funding for almost all of the Company’s charitable activities.   The Trusts objectives as set in the Trust Deed are, in brief:

    • The advance of education
    • The promotion of research
    • The relief of poverty

The Trust looks for cases of special need and where funding can have a significant impact or large
multiplier effect.   The Trust is also keen to support projects where Company members can become involved using their professional and practical skills.

Funds to support the various projects are derived in part from dividends and interest on investments,
but mainly from Company members’ regular giving together with donations from trade organisations, companies and collections at Company functions.

The Trust is managed by eleven Trustees.   Although members of the Company, they act independently
of it and are personally responsible for the well being of the Trust’s funds under the law.