Webinar 10 – WET 10 Virtual Lecture

Webinar 10

WET 10 Virtual Lecture   
22 March 2021

Resilient Cities:
presented by Chris Gray, Head of Water – Europe, Middle East
& Africa, AECOM.

Digital Water from 2021 to 2050 – A Brief History of the Future:
presented by Joanna Kelsey, Head of UK Water Digital Services, Stantec.

Water 2050 – Developing the Skills for Tomorrow’s Challenges:
presented by Phil Beach CBE, Chief Executive, Energy & Utility Skills.

About this Lecture

What will the world of water look like in 2050?

How will cities future-proof themselves in the face of increasing climate change and population growth?

Will Digital Water assist in finding solutions?   If so, how?

What skills will the Water Sector need?   And how will it get them?