Webinar 19 – Sustainable Resources – treasuring the planet’s resources for the future

Webinar 21

Defra nutrient targets for improving river water quality:
A personal assessment of the challenges and opportunities
28 June 2022
 Presented by Professor Sean Comber, Associate Head SoGEES (Knowledge Exchange), Plymouth University

About this Webinar

The Environment Act 2021 requires the government to always have an Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP) in place. This sets out the steps the government intends to take to improve the natural environment, including measures needed to meet its targets.   Defra are proposing ambitious and far reaching targets for nutrient reductions by 2037.   In this lecture Professor Sean Comber will explore the sources of one the key chemicals of interest – phosphorus, its pathways and fate within the aquatic environment and some thoughts relating to options to reduce loads entering watercourses, their effectiveness and feasibility.

About the Speaker

Professor Sean Comber joined the University of Plymouth in 2012 after a career in contract research and consultancy.    He is a Professor in Environmental Chemistry and specialises in the sources and fate of
chemicals to the aquatic environment, with particular reference to metals, phosphorus and pharmaceuticals.   He works closely with the Water Industry and as a consultant at Atkins he led major research projects into
chemical source apportionment and the industry’s Chemical Investigation Programme (CIP).   Since joining academia, Sean has continued to be the academic lead for these projects, providing technical and review support as well as publishing numerous scientific papers on the outputs.