Webinar 19 – Sustainable Resources – treasuring the planet’s resources for the future

Webinar 19

Sustainable Resources – treasuring the planet’s resources for the future  
21 April 2022

Presented by Allan Barton, Global Business Leader of Arup’s resource and waste business  

About this Webinar

This webinar will hopefully nudge you and society towards realising the need to start treasuring the planet’s resources for the future. It will highlight that the planet (our home) needs your help, the path we have been on to get to today, and our use and disposal of the planet’s resources. It will then look into the future and ask where we are going. Finally
identifying potential opportunities to make a difference.

Society is becoming increasingly aware of the impact we are having on our home, planet Earth. We are endeavouring to address the impact of climate change, and significant positive global action is immediately required. We urgently need to start protecting and rewilding our natural world including land and oceans.   It is now imperative we also start treasuring our planet’s resources.

Achieving this in our globally connected world and is incredibly complex.  Finding a direction and path through this complexity requires considerable understanding, leadership, commitment, and action.

Environmental concerns highlighted by the concept of planetary boundaries, and initiatives like UN Sustainability Goals and the Circular Economy are pointing us in the right direction.

However, we must focus specifically on all of Earth’s resources; consider how they are all used in every facet of human activity.   Including every stage of their use, starting at the point of taking them from the natural world to ultimately leaving them so they can be accessed by future generations.  This is the only way humankind, and the other living creatures on Earth, can survive for generations to come.

Simply put, we need to start:

“Treasuring the planet’s resources for the future, as part of a holistic sustainable approach to the way we live”

About the Speaker

Allan’s career started in the electricity supply industry, then he worked in the petrochemical and fine chemicals sectors.   For the past 33 years he has worked in the resource and waste  management sector.   He has considerable experience of the global resource and waste sector, and the technologies and processes employed to handle and treat all categories of waste.

He has worked at Director level for the past 27 years, rising to Managing Director of Shanks East London in 2002 (a waste PFI business) and a Director of Arup in 2007 (a global engineering consultancy) where he currently leads their Global Resource and Waste business.

Allan now has a portfolio of activities in addition to leading Arup’s Resource and Waste Business and Non-Exec Chair of SEaB Power limited.   Allan is a member of the I Mech E process industries Board, Director of Ecology of Care Network CIC,  Non-Executive Director London Remade Ltd and member of its Audit Committee, Non-Executive Director Chemical Industries Association and member of its Sustainability panel, Chair of the Advisory Board to the Sustainability and Resource Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Network (Part of Innovate UK), member of the Agri Food Technology Council (A UK Ministerial Chaired leadership council) supporting them on sustainability.

He is passionate about promoting personal development and increasingly encouraging society to be more thoughtful in the way we live on our planet.