Webinar 25 – Water Efficiency

Webinar 25

What will make us all become more water efficient?

29 November  2022
Presented by Julie Hill MBE, Chair, Institution of Environmental Sciences

About the Webinar

This seminar will look at different aspects of water efficiency, including in the home, the efficiency of our appliances, and more systemic initiatives for refurbishment and new build.   It will consider the conditions under which any of these might be successful, including the role of personal behaviours,
policy and regulation.

About the Speaker

Julie Hill has had a career in environmental policy and politics.   She is presently an inaugural Non-executive Board Member of the Office for Environmental Protection (OEP), Chair of the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES) and Chair of the Advisory Committee for Social Science (ACSS) for the Food Standards Agency (FSA).   Former roles include Director of the environmental think tank Green Alliance, board member of the Eden Project, the Environment Agency (England and Wales) and the Consumer Council for Water, and Chair of the Waste and Resources Action
Programme (WRAP).   She has written and presented widely, including a popular science book ‘The SecretLife of Stuff’.