Webinar 34: National Underground Asset Register

Webinar 34: National Asset Management Register

National Underground Asset Register

Webinar 34:  National Underground Asset Register 

21 September 2023

Presented by Guy Ledger
Divisional Digital Director, Engineering Services, Atkins

About the Webinar
There is estimated to be around 4 million kilometres of buried pipes and cables in the UK, and a hole dug every 7 seconds to install, fix, maintain or repair these assets that are critical in keeping the water running, gas and electricity flowing, and our telecommunications lines connected. Approximately 1 in every 65 holes dug results in an accidental asset strike (c.60,000 a year), causing around £2.4 billion worth of economic cost, putting workers’ lives at risk and disrupting our day-to-day lives.  The National Underground Asset Register – NUAR – is a solution to avoid this risk.

Led by the GeoSpatial Commission, NUAR is a programme to create a single, comprehensive data-sharing platform on the location of all underground assets.  The fundamental purpose of NUAR is to streamline the data-sharing process, reduce the risk of potentially lethal utility asset strikes and promote more efficient management and maintenance of underground assets.

This webinar will provide an insight into the programme so far, covering the challenges of engaging and onboarding some 650+ asset owners, sharing and transforming their data, and creating a platform that Users are prepared to adopt.

About the Speaker
Guy is Project Director responsible for Atkins’ delivery of the National Underground Asset Register project for the GeoSpatial Commission.  In addition, he is Digital Director and board member of Atkins’ UK&E Infrastructure Division, a £300m business delivery engineering and
project management services.  He is responsible for leading digital transformation and growth from the application of new technology and
development of new digitally based products and services across more than 3000 staff.

His career spans more than 34 years in the engineering consultancy sector, with much of it spent leading and delivering a broad range of projects to the UK Water Industry.  In recent years his career has centred on the use of
geospatial data to understand and solve engineering challenges, and he has led pioneering work showing the tangible benefits that can be realised when spatial data and information are shared.

Guy is a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a Chartered Engineer.