Webinar 38: Leading Beyond the Ego

Webinar 38: Leading Beyond the Ego

Webinar 38:  Leading Beyond the Ego

18 January  2024
Presented by John Knights, Chairman of LeaderShape Global  https://www.leadershapeglobal.com/

About the Webinar

Politicians and business leaders around the world are failing to get to grips with the climate crises with the resulting increasing damage to our environment.  We need a new kind of leader for the future that cannot only engage with and motivate their people but also bring their own values to full consciousness in all they do. While the environment is being destroyed and millions of people suffer as a result, the world is changing faster and in a more unstable way. We need leaders who can operate in a complex unpredictable world where Newtonian linear thinking is no longer enough. This requires a change in attitude to hierarchical decision-making. Leaders need to let go and trust others rather than trying to control everything. And they need to put ethics and values ahead of their own egos. There are many who have the capability to rise to this challenge – but they are usually not the ones in impactful leadership positions. This webinar will provide some insights into how we can develop the right kind of leader and how we get them to the top of organisations. 

About the Speaker

John Knights, Chairman of LeaderShape Global is a chemical engineer turned businessman who followed an international corporate career, being appointed first a Corporate VP of a Fortune 100 company and then a main board director of a FTSE100 firm before he was 40.  His next career was as an entrepreneur where he founded eight companies, primarily in environmental technology and IT.  In 1994, whilst founder and Chairman of WPL limited, he was confirmed as a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Water Conservators.  In 1998, his life changed when he learned to coach and in working with other CEOs started to understand the capabilities that would be needed in leaders of the future.

He has spent the last 20 years working with colleagues to develop a journey of development to become a Transpersonal Leader. This culminated in 2018 with the acclaimed and evidence-based textbook “Leading Beyond the Ego” published by Routledge. A sequel, “Transpersonal Leadership in Action” was launched by the same publisher in February 2022.
John believes that poor leadership is at the root of all our problems. John has coached many senior leaders globally and been involved in the design and delivery of state-of-the art leadership programmes using advanced andragogic methodologies. This includes a postgraduate programme entitled Globally Responsible Leadership for Sustainable
Transformation delivered in cooperation with seven universities around the world